Our Missing Classmates

These are names of fellow classmates whom we have no information on. Should you have any information on their whereabouts please send that information to us using our comments field in the Registration link at this website or our class Email Address.

Carla Anderson
Jerald Austin
Linda Ballew
Jean Browning
Deborah Fink
Michael Flinn
Karen Fowler-Baker
Toni Garven-Chase
Eva Gettner
Donna Jennings
Pamela Jester
Kathryn Johnson
Kathleen Mallory
Susan Mapson

Patricia Marshall
Pamela Mead
Masato Murakami
Kathleen Murray
Terri Nalls
Terrance O’Malley
Howard Perry
Linda Ross
Cheryl Simpson
Russel Sloan
Susan Smith
Richard Trejos
Jerrilynne Trounce
Susan Warner

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